Is your customer monitoring their rack environment?

It is not just about protecting datacentre equipment from high temperatures but also making sure as and when environmental changes occur, your customer can stay in control

Data room monitoring and management has now become universal although matching the requirement to the facility is very dependent on the software and hardware functionality as well as its availability.

There is no doubt that standard off the shelf hardware and software is a proven way of keeping down data room costs.

The management software controls and monitors the most critical hardware and cabinet security aspects, it views the data room as an interconnected environment controlling and monitoring cabinet level aspects such as physical security, power, cooling, environmental and management services. There is also a high degree of flexibility in both the software and hardware allowing for large or small data rooms as well as future system expansion.

Austin Hughes solution InfraGuard provides environmental management for the rack with an array of sensor options;

– Temperature & Humidity Sensor
– Smoke Detector
– Shock Sensor
– Water Sensor
– Door and Side Panel Alarms
– LED Lamp
– Beacon
– Plus, switching and monitoring of Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Temperature Monitoring

The InfraGuard master box includes two large visual LED temperature monitoring windows. A further two other temperature monitors are also available directly from each PDU (the values from which can be viewed either via the software or on the PDU LCD screen itself) giving a potential of 10 temperature and humidity sensors per cabinet.