2nd Gen Universal Secure KVM Switch

Allow your customer to select and control one system at a time.

Belkin Advanced Secure KVM switches keep sensitive network assets isolated and protected right where they are most vulnerable – at the desktop.

Belkin Secure KVMs provide advanced security, user friendly design, and a host of features for easy secure deployment at low cost.

They address the need for true air–gap data path isolation and secure switching, while meeting NIAP-C PP4.0 security requirements.

Information leaks are prevented by using dedicated processors for each computing source path and peripheral, along with optical data diodes which provide unidirectional data paths to transmit keyboard and mouse signals.

Belkin’s innovative Universal KVM models even eliminate compatibility problems between KVMs and the systems and monitors connected, for the easiest deployment and upgrades, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 Port Models.

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    Modular Secure KVM Switch

    Select and control one system at a time.

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    Secure Modular KM Switch

    Ideal for data-intensive applications where information from multiple secure sources is required to be viewed and compared simultaneously.

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    Cables & Accessories

    Eliminate clutter at the desktop with accessories compatible with our KVM solutions.

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