Anywhere operations from the datacentre to the edge

Zero Effort, Zero Panic, 100% Access and Control

Providing your customers with access and control critical IT systems with zero effort. Anywhere.

ZPE Systems innovative solutions simplify infrastructure management at the datacentre, branch, and edge, delivering network control your customers don’t think about.

Zero Effort, Zero Panic, 100% Access and Control.

Solving the increasing demands for availability, security, and scalability at datacentres and branch locations with Gen 3 Out-of-Band Serial Consoles, Infrastructure Automation, and Cybersecurity-as-a-platform (CAAP).

6 of 10 top global tech giants and many large enterprises boost uptime through better infrastructure management. ZPE’s mission is to enable reliable and secure critical IT for enterprises across the globe.

“Whether it’s providing out-of-band management, Secure Access Service Edge, or SD-Branch capabilities, we are always pioneering better technology to make IT life easier for network professionals.

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  • Datacentre Infrastructure Management at Scale

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  • Critical Remote Infrastructure Management for Branch, Campus & Colocation Sites

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  • Secure, Resilient Gateway for Distributed Branch & Edge Networks

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Vertical Markets

  • Retail

    Security represents a paramount concern for retail network teams, with an emphasis on safeguarding Point of Sale (POS) systems, self-service kiosks, and IoT devices, which are all alluring targets for cybercriminals. ZPE Systems contributes to enhancing the security stance of retail enterprises by offering a centralized platform that enables comprehensive end-to-end network observability and vigilant security monitoring.

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  • Education

    Campus networks can be complex but often have limited budgets. Small IT teams manage extensive networks, requiring frequent travel for device oversight. Network outages can worsen due to delayed technician arrivals. ZPE’s out-of-band serial console solutions offer 24/7 remote management for quick issue resolution.

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  • Managed Service Providers (MSP)

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must maintain high uptime for SLAs despite network and device issues. These challenges hinder remote access, slowing issue resolution. On-site visits prolong service restoration, leading to SLA breaches and customer trust loss.

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  • Financial Services

    ZPE’s 5G out-of-band management solutions streamline network security within the financial services sector, offering robust onboard security features, vendor-neutral platforms, and round-the-clock accessibility. By deploying ZPE across every branch, regional office, ATM kiosk, and datacentre, organisations gain unified visibility and control over their entire network architecture, ensuring enhanced security and operational efficiency.

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  • Government

    ZPE Solutions provide government networks with security, resilience, and low-maintenance operations. ZPE combines Zero Trust protection with comprehensive networking capabilities and unified orchestration. Leveraging robust onboard security features, third-party integrations with advanced authentication providers, out-of-band remote management, and vendor-neutral visibility and control, ZPE defends government networks and streamlines compliance processes.

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  • Healthcare

    Resilience holds paramount importance within healthcare organisations. A resilient healthcare network ensures uninterrupted business operations with minimal disruptions, swift recovery in case of failure, and the capacity to adapt to sudden or unforeseen demands. ZPE’s secure healthcare network solutions deliver resilience through full-stack networking with software-defined overlay and underlay, full compute capabilities for containers and VMs, ample storage for recovery and content delivery, and automation to minimise human error and streamline recovery.

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  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)

    ZPE Solutions offer unified visibility, 24/7 availability, and end-to-end automation for ISP network infrastructure, regardless of its distribution or complexity. By deploying ZPE at datacentres, regional offices, and customer sites, organisations can access every piece of equipment remotely through a single, centralised platform.

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