Advanced Warranty Replacement

Be protected from the unexpected

Keep your customer’s uptime up

Just when you thought your network couldn’t be more resilient, we brought you Advanced Warranty Replacement – created with your uptime in mind. Exclusively available to our Opengear customers.

Step up for your customers with our no risk, no hassle Advanced Warranty Replacement. Offer them a wraparound solution for their Opengear products.

Our Advanced Warranty Replacement guarantees a same day response and next business day product replacement, whilst still being covered by Opengear’s standard 4 year telephone support, including technical support.


Advanced Replacement Warranty

Same Day Response

Same Day RMA Issued

Same Day RMA Issued

Standard Warranty

Four years telephone support

Available Mon-Fri 5.30am  – Midnight MT Time

Faulty units are repaired or credited once returned within 30 days

RMA Details

Advanced Replacement (Offered with a maintenance agreement):

The customer receives a next business day replacement (unit prior to shipping the failed unit back to us).

Step up for your customers, 
offer them a wraparound advanced warranty replacement solution for their Opengear products.