Advanced Warranty Replacement

Be protected from the unexpected

Keep your customer’s uptime up

Just when you thought your network couldn’t be more resilient, we brought you Advanced Warranty Replacement – created with your uptime in mind. Exclusively available to our Opengear customers.

Step up for your customers with our no risk, no hassle Advanced Warranty Replacement. Offer them a wraparound solution for their Opengear products.

Our Advanced Warranty Replacement guarantees a same day response and next business day product replacement, whilst still being covered by Opengear’s standard 4 year telephone support, including technical support.


Advanced Replacement Warranty

– Same Day Response
– Same Day RMA Issued
– Same Day RMA Issued

Standard Warranty

– Four years telephone support
– Available Mon-Fri 5.30am  – Midnight MT Time
– Faulty units are repaired or credited once returned within 30 days

RMA Details

Advanced Replacement (Offered with a maintenance agreement):

The customer receives a next business day replacement (unit prior to shipping the failed unit back to us).

Now with a little extra for you…

Receive Amazon vouchers every time you purchase Advanced Warranty Replacement on any new or existing Opengear units*.

– 1 year warranty = £10 voucher
– 2 year warranty = £20 voucher
– 3 year warranty = £30 voucher
– 4 year warranty = £40 voucher

*Terms & Conditions. All participants are liable to notify the relevant Tax Authorities. MB Technology has the right to withdraw this promotion at any time. Vouchers will be sent to participants once invoices have been paid. All claims will be verified and confirmed by MB Technology. Any additional discount outside of Deal Registration, participation is at MB Technology’s Directors discretion. Participants must email with the full details of each claim stating PO number, Part Code and Quantity.

Step up for your customers, 
offer them a wraparound advanced warranty replacement solution for their Opengear products.

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