UPS Installation

Add a wraparound solution to your customers by offering UPS Installation, Commissioning and Health Checks

Help your customers protect their downtime with our installation and maintenance packages.

We all know there are many reasons for datacentre downtime, but none are as troublesome as UPS failures.

A UPS system is a critical device we deploy to provide backup power in the event of a mains power failure and as sophisticated as they may be, the fact is, if they aren’t maintained properly, they will fail or run at only a percentage of their capacity.

We also know that energy costs can dramatically increase if your customer’s UPS is not running properly.

We are now offering support and health checks for single-phase UPSs to ensure they are running at their optimum level:

– UPS Installation
– UPS Recycling
– Site Survey
– Power-up
– Commissioning
– Cabling

Help your customers protect their downtime with one of our new maintenance and support packages for single phase UPS’s, available in Select and Expert UPS support packages.

We can help, install, recycle, power up, maintain & cable your UPS and even complete your site survey.

This can be a reoccurring revenue stream for you every year that we can manage and maintain for you with one of our support and maintenance packages.

Why not talk to your customers about how we can help them protect their downtime and data.

Speak to on our experts today.

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