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  • Belkin Cybersecurity is pleased to announce a partnership with MB Technology

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  • Creating A Resilient Hospitality Network: Why Enabling Always-On Access for Hotels Is Critical and How to Do So

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  • Opengear uses Out-of-Band cellular service for ongoing Resilient Network Gateways and emergency service needs, Podcast

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  • Network Management: Why NetOps Is the New DevOps

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  • Opengear Overview

    Opengear ensures uptime in Datacentres, in colocation facilities and remote sites and out to the very edges of the network.

  • What is Smart Out-of-Band Management?

  • Flexible Networks Across Remote Locations

    SD-WAN provides lower cost, secure network connections across corporate and regional locations, based on the simplified architecture of SDN. But without an Out-of-Band backup, SD-WAN has an Achilles heel.


  • MB Technology – IT Distribution for Humans

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  • Don’t be left hanging when it comes to delivering IT products

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  • Build your edge with Vertiv’s Mix & Match promotion

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  • Can your customer not get on-site?

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  • 5 tips for protecting your data when working remotely

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Extending the reach in Co-locations

Colocations provide a wide range of benefits for enterprises looking to house their equipment in a secure facility with a cost-efficient model. From power to cooling and security, colocations constantly manage the facility’s conditions to ensure increased reliability for customers. However, if an outage occurs, there are some areas of concern that colocations can’t fully address.

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Staying Undefeated by Downtime Case Study

For i3D.Net, the leading provider of high-performance hosting and global infrastructure services, network resilience is a necessity. With thousands of servers spread across the world, they required a Smart Out-of-Band solution to maintain its complex operation.

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Global Bank Achieves Business Continuity Goals Using Vertiv™ Liebert® Busway Solution

In alignment with this global bank’s strategic plan to cut costs through automation and better technology, the company has accelerated efforts to modernize its legacy IT infrastructure while reaping the benefits of cloud computing. Working through a colocation provider using highly reliable power distribution infrastructure, the bank now has access to world-class data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning that can support a range of new operational possibilities.

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