MB Technology – IT Distribution for Humans

IT is the backbone of a business. The framework that keeps everything running smoothly.

IT is the backbone of a business. The framework that keeps everything running smoothly whilst also providing essential security. However, it’s the human element that’s often the driver to success. Many businesses are starting to recognise this, allowing more flexibility for staff, the freedom to bring their human self to work, and embracing their strengths. Moving away from the high-pressure whip-cracking has seen those businesses at the forefront of the change reap significant rewards.

MB Technology is an IT distributor with a human-centred approach. IT exists to serve humans, working for them and making life easier. If it isn’t doing that, something needs to change. When working with resellers, our focus is always on the people and how we can best meet their needs. Our team provides extensive support and a fast, friendly service to our customers, helping them design and supply IT infrastructure for their clients that works for them, not against them. This understanding on a deeper human level has led us to offer such a specialised service, from assisting with designing bespoke systems and solutions to providing ongoing training and support. When our resellers are successful, we are successful. Helping them to offer a gold standard service leads to mutual profitability.

Human-Centred Design

IT systems designed around the business’s requirements and its staff streamline operational efficiency and free up hours to focus on tasks that require uniquely human skills such as critical and lateral thinking. More time for customer care increases customer satisfaction, leading to greater retention. These are just some of the benefits of keeping humans at the centre of what we do.

With that human-centric approach in mind, we have started a blog series to educate, help, and inspire others to keep the world of IT performing at its best and benefitting the humans at its core. Depending on the viewpoint, the tech industry can be a contentious subject with advances triggering both celebration and fear. Most recently is the debate over the effects of AI and automation on the job security of humans. At MB Technology, we appreciate and value the vital role of every team member in the success of the company. Each plays a part that no robot or software could, and we recognise the importance of technology in allowing them to put those skills to better use. This strong team of skilled experts enable us to offer our partners and their customers a five-star service.

UK Distribution Services

At MB Technology, we only supply products of the highest quality so our resellers can feel confident that customers are getting reliable and trusted equipment and a system that’s fit for purpose, robust and secure. However, we wanted to offer more than just products, going above and beyond to give as much value as possible. So, besides seeking out the best brands, we also create and deliver tools and in-house, on-site and online training for resellers and their customers. We are passionate about providing excellent ongoing support to all our partners because we know that supporting the people behind the companies leads to greater success for all. It frees up time in a reseller’s organisation to focus on exceptional customer service.

Our partners also benefit from:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Marketing support
  • Technical advice, before and after the sale
  • Receiving leads from us
  • Incentives and discounts
  • Honest and friendly service

Our extensive product range gives our partners the ability to maximise opportunities with customers with less need to source from other suppliers.

Data Centre Solutions

Many companies have chosen to utilise cloud data storage. However, in-house data centres provide more control and visibility of the infrastructure that hosts their data and applications for larger enterprises. MB Technology offers a full range of solutions from industry leaders such as Vertiv, Opengear, Austin Hughes and Cannon Technologies that allow resellers to provide a complete data centre to customers. Our products cover:

  • Power and Power Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • Integrated Racks
  • Deployment and Professional Services

Security Solutions

Cyber-attacks cause significant damage to businesses, and in some cases, they could even put jobs at risk as costs escalate. Educating staff about cyber security is a crucial part of a protection strategy, as all it takes is clicking a link in an extremely convincing email to open the doors to these criminals. As threats are on the rise and increasing in complexity, businesses also need security strategies and products that are up to the job. We partnered with Belkin, iStorage and Opengear to offer superior security solutions for remote and on-site working.