The importance of network modernisation to protect your customers’ business.

What Is Network Modernisation?

Network modernisation means updating IT infrastructure products and management tools, so that the user can address current challenges and stand prepared for the future. This approach allows them to deploy a solution that integrates in-depth control of legacy and modern systems, eliminate points of failure by using more resilient systems and streamlined architecture and adopt an extensible solution that can accommodate changing needs.

The Challenge

Regardless of the size of their business, your customer’s network must be secure and reliable from the ground up. But providing a secure experience means having the appropriate tools, and if their current system is presenting shortcomings, network vulnerabilities grow and the so does the potential for critical failures. Then it’s time to overhaul the IT infrastructure and modernise the systems in place. However, this can not only disrupt businesses but be a very slow transition. Requiring time, money, and resources and without careful planning it can end up being a solution that becomes obsolete sooner rather than later.

The Solution

By adopting ZPE’s Nodegrid solution, your customer’s can eliminate the obstacles of trying to modernise and achieve a comprehensive network modernisation configuration that will strengthen weak points, help avoid failures and defend against downtime, all whilst gaining unified and comprehensive management capabilities.

The Nodegrid solution will streamline and fortify distributed networks. Allowing to eradicate many out of band management devices, and instead unify control of the stack with a single appliance. It can also gradually implement each Nodegrid at the rack level and set up a system that allows for secure remote access to your entire stack. Additionally, the Nodegrid Manager can be utilised to centralise server and power management and add a power monitoring solution that is unsupported by the original configuration. The Nodegrid solution also allows updates to the security features and have better traceability and auditing through features like data logging and event notifications.

The Benefits

Network modernisation is a multi-faceted concept but comes with many benefits, for example:

    • Saving on deployment time and costs

    • Ease of use with a vendor-neutral solution for centralised management

    • Ongoing peace of mind due to a long solution life cycle

    • Confidence that your customer’s are equipped to withstand tomorrow’s challenges

    • Flexibility to adapt and evolve to meet future standards and requirements


ZPE Systems will also continue to provide support and updates on Nodegrid products, which means the chosen solution will remain well within compliance for many years to come.

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