Supporting The Human Appeal Emergency Earthquake Fund

On the 6th February an earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria. This was followed by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake and another measuring 5.4 magnitude. Their tremors were felt as far as Cyprus and Iraq. More than 900 aftershocks have occurred causing immense destruction to the affected areas.

Hitting 10 Turkish provinces and an area that is a significant hub for humanitarian operations in helping support Syrians across the border, home to thousands of refugees and aid organisations. Conditions are so bad in southern Turkey that many of these refugees are considering returning to Syria, hoping life will be better in their war-raved homeland. Heart-breaking!

In Syria, Aleppo, a city already devastated by a civil wars was one of the most heavily affected.

More than 54,000 buildings, including hospitals and schools, have been destroyed or damaged.

Sadly, as of the 1st March the death toll reached 51,800 and is still rising.

Heartbreakingly, there are 18 MILLION people in the affected area, many of them in urgent need of shelter, food and medical aid.

Which is why we are supporting The Human Appeal who have worked tirelessly to provide emergency relief to those affected by the earthquakes.

Join us in supporting  the earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria here:

What your donation could do:

  • £20 – Hygiene Kit: Help a Syrian family preserve their dignity with a hygiene kit.
  • £25 – Emergency Family Blankets: Provide warm blankets to Syrian refugees in Turkey.
  • £100 – Hot Meals & Food Packs: Help provide 200 meals for Syrians affected by the earthquake in Turkey.
  • £550 – Survival Pack & Tent: Support 1 family (5 people) with an emergency survival pack and tent to stay warm and sheltered from the cold.

There are many other ways should you wish to support the relief efforts including International :

Rescue Committee (

The International Federation of Red Cross (

The UN Refugee Agency (

Doctors Without Borders (