Choosing the Right KVM Solution

Cyber threats are on the rise from hostile foreign governments, terrorists, and cyber criminals. The internal threat posed by improperly secured desktops in companies and organisations should be addressed with as much due diligence and vigorous security measures as firewalls, intrusion detection, and other external threat mitigations.

Purchasers of KVM equipment need to carefully weigh all the security and functional features of these devices to make certain the units provide the safest, most secure and user-friendly functionality to prevent any possible compromise of company and customer assets.

The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), a government-sponsored program based within the National Security Agency, formulates specific requirements and recommendations to secure nearly every aspect of computing environments. The following are a few of the most concerning KVM scenarios that the NIAP testing program examines:

Users should not be allowed to connect unauthorised USB devices to the peripheral switch.

  • The KVM must prevent residual data transferred between peripheral port groups with different IDs.
    Connection shall not be accessible by any other peripheral group with a different group ID.
  • The KVM should prevent a user error when setting shared peripheral connections from one computer system to a different one.
  • A connection, via the KVM, must not allow information transfer between computers.
  • Chassis design and supply chain must guarantee that the KVM switch has not been tampered or altered by any intermediary during transit nor after deployment.

Why choose Belkin?

Belkin Cyber Security KVM Solutions are ideal for use in IT environments that demand rigorous cybersecurity provisions such as defence, police and security agencies, banks and financial services, the energy and utilities sector, and governments across the globe.

Designed to enrich user efficiency and effectiveness when working across multiple systems in isolated air-gap networks, server room and standard desktop settings, despite being only marginally bigger than a modern smartphone.

Belkin Secure Switching Products provide the ultimate security solution equipped with advanced cybersecurity measures encompassing optical data diodes assuring unidirectional data flow from each peripheral, device emulation and filtering of connected USB devices and secured EDID emulation ensuring protection of connected monitors.

The entirety of the Belkin secure switching products range is fitted with an end-to-end tamper-proof system comprising of a holographic security tamper-evident label on the switch enclosure to indicate if the product has been opened or compromised, the advanced Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVMs include an always-on, battery-backed, active anti-tamper circuit that protects the unit while in transit and after deployment and the Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVMs ship in tear-away packaging to ensure the integrity of the unit throughout the supply chain.

Universal video compatibility, innovative mounting options and an included remote control collectively help administrators to declutter the user’s desk whilst enhancing operator ergonomics in even the smallest of workspaces and without running the risk of compromising access and control.

Belkin’s Modular sKVM series has a 94% smaller footprint than other KVM’s on the market, with the intention of taking up as little desk space as possible whilst still cohering to NIAP PP PSD 4.0 requirements.

Tamper-Proof Design, Packaging, and Shipping

Belkin KVM products are designed, built, and shipped in the U.S. under the strictest security. Every switch includes tamper-proof sensors and seals on external and internal components as well as on the outside shipping container. Customers are assured that the product is in its original, securely manufactured state from one end of the process to arrival at their facility. Any attempt to access the internal electronics of the KVM will immediately render it permanently inoperable.

As a Valued Added Partner of Belkin Secure Switch Solutions, we are holding stock of the run rate products and we are on hand to help you find the right solution for you and your customer. Contact us today for a quote on 0161 250 0930 or email us at