Revolutionise Your Offerings: Sustainable Tech Solutions for Your Customers

In the realm of providing innovative solutions to meet your customers’ dynamic needs, your role as an IT Reseller is pivotal. Sustainability is more than a trend; it’s a critical focus spanning from city planning to individual businesses. By harnessing data to guide organisations globally, sustainability initiatives cover supply chain enhancements, waste reduction, and the imperative task of lowering carbon footprints.

Sustainability in the Media

The media spotlight on energy use addresses concerns related to cost, availability, and the environment. Large corporate offices face increasing pressure to demonstrate significant improvement in power reductions, driven by concerns over energy wastage and light pollution. This underscores the urgency for sustainable practices.

Building Sustainability with IT

Power management, a critical aspect of IT infrastructure, has evolved to offer solutions that reduce downtime, cut energy costs, and enhance efficiency. Intelligent rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are not limited to traditional IT and Data Centre installations. They play a crucial role in smart building designs, supporting various systems within new office and mixed-use buildings.

Intelligent Power Strips for Sustainable Solutions

Consider smart desk solutions that utilise intelligent PDUs to minimise power wastage. Features such as booking systems enable employees to locate available desks, activating power only to the required technology.

Environmental Monitoring

Intelligent PDUs provide comprehensive power usage data, and their integration with environmental sensors allows for monitoring of temperature, humidity, smoke, water, and shock. This enables early detection of issues within the rack.

Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Within organisations, various departments leverage intelligent power and data within racks. Common objectives include minimising downtime risks and ensuring departmental billing accuracy. The data can be used for inter-departmental billing for Enterprises or as a revenue stream for Multi-Tenant Data Centres.

Upgrading IT Infrastructure

Upgrading existing IT infrastructure is a sustainable alternative. Retro-fitting in-line meters to legacy basic rack PDUs creates the equivalent of an intelligent power strip without the need to replace existing PDUs. This approach allows for local monitoring and remote management of previously non-intelligent PDUs.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Considering the sustainable manufacturing process, products should be produced through economically-sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts. Environmental impact considerations, including packaging with minimal environmental impact, should be prioritised in supply chain selection for upgrade kits and new product purchases.

New Technology for Sustainability

Beyond traditional rack mount installations, web power reboot and monitoring devices offer alternatives for power management. These devices allow users to recover crashed devices by remote reboot, reducing the need for on-site engineers and travel costs, consequently lowering the carbon footprint.

Your role as an IT Reseller is instrumental in guiding your customers towards sustainable tech solutions. By incorporating intelligent power solutions and embracing new technologies, you empower your customers to meet their sustainability targets. Join us in driving the adoption of sustainable tech solutions and make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of IT.

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