Advanced Warranty Replacement

With network outages on the rise and reports of downtime disrupting some of the largest organisations in the world, it’s time to add an extra layer of protection.

We are excited to announce that we will now be giving you the opportunity to offer your customers an extra layer of protection to their networks, exclusively available to new and existing Opengear customers we would like to introduce to you our new no risk, no hassle Advanced Warranty Replacement service. 

This new offering from MB Technology Services will ensure same day response and next business day product replacement, whilst still being covered by Opengear’s standard four-year telephone support, including technical support. Available in packages ranging from one to four years with a reward scheme in which you receive Amazon vouchers every time you purchase Advanced Warranty Replacement.

A recent survey commissioned by Opengear measuring the true cost of network outages highlighted the importance of helping your customers safeguard their business continuity to the fullest. It stated that “A resilient network is vital to the success of almost every organisation. Whenever it is not available, productivity drops off, the business is financially impacted, and its reputation suffers. Organisations are adding layers of complexity to networks and that often results in more vulnerabilities”. This reinforces the need to add an extra layer of protection through our Advanced Warranty Replacement program to keep your customers network super resilient and able to cope with the ever-growing demands of the businesses’ critical infrastructure.

The global study of Senior IT Decision Makers discovered that “31% have lost more than $1 million in the past 12 months due to network outages”. Our Advanced Warranty Replacement will allow your customers to get their failed Out of Band Management Unit replaced before the downtime has a catastrophic impact on their revenue stream. The research continued to reveal “83% stated network resilience is their top priority”. Just when you thought your network couldn’t be more resilient, we brought you Advanced Warranty Replacement. The final statistics stated in the article were ”23% reported a 25% or more increase in network outages in the past 5 year” and “39% of network outages took more than one day to resolve” created with uptime in mind our Advanced Warranty Replacement scheme provides same day response and next business day product replacement to offer a wraparound solution for Opengear products.

Be one step ahead and prepare your customers for the worst-case scenario with our Advanced Warranty Replacement scheme. Contact your account manager for pricing and additional information today. For a quote call 0161 250 0930 or email us at .