DCIM users experience fewer data center outages

Today I bring to you the idea that DCIM users experience fewer data center outages. On the surface this would seem to make a lot of sense. But let’s start doing a little digging to find out why this feels right and arguably passes the gut check test. (Thanks Matt)

What strikes me as interesting is how this ties to the emerging data on the adoption rate of DCIM, the composition of those data centers adopting DCIM, their skill levels, infrastructure systems, overall O&M strategies, existing service agreements, and the general philosophical differences between DCIM adopters and those who have yet to make the leap. Some of this was covered recently by Nicola Hayes ofDatacenter Dynamics Intelligence Division at DCD Dallas with significantly more details available via their insightful report.

We know from experience, numerous studies, surveys, research, and simply walking through data centers around the globe that not only do they come in numerous shapes, sizes, design, and operational philosophy but they also fall along a broad distribution curve from nearly zero percent adoption of Energy Logic strategies (or a near zero score on The Green Grid data center maturity model) to a near perfect score for efficiency and best practices. As DCIM is a key component in the continuum of operational and efficiency improvements, and one we always recommend as step best made after tackling a few of the easier, low-hanging-fruit items, then those with a fully deployed DCIM system are already running a more ‘reliable, efficient data center.

These data centers likely have matured to the point of having a strong set of guidelines, practices, and procedures of operations to ensure system availability along with a solid service partner in place to provide a rapid response time for any unplanned event. They deploy proven infrastructure hardware for power and thermal management with high availability architectures and have similarly implemented some degree of resiliency within their software stack, network, switching, and storage systems.

Do you want to take your data center to the next level like your peers who have already deployed DCIM systems? It take a little more than simply cutting a PO for a DCIM solution but the good news is there aretrained professionals ready to help you with an assessment of your current data center practices and help you develop a road map to excellence.

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