Do you switch off when your Client talks power?

When you’re selling all the sexy and interesting stuff such as Storage Solutions, Networking and VDI Projects, plus all the Deployment & Professional Services that go with it….

What happens when you are asked about the power and back up to support these deployments?

Do you switch off?

At MB Technology, we vend for a number of leading manufacturers in this space and we are able to help you specify, size and deliver solutions to your client in power to the rack (PDU’s), backup power (UPS) both single and three phase, rack solutions, professional and deployment services.

In simple terms how can we help you?

  • Be here as a resource you can call on and take some of the pressure away from you
  • Help you size your customers UPS requirements
  • Work with you to specify and understand PDU needs
  • Give you pre and post sales support
  • Engage with the manufacture on your behalf

What else can we help you with?

  • Site surveys
  • Health Checks
  • Support and maintenance contracts for clients estate
  • Deployment & Installation Services
  • Environmental Disposal of used UPS and Batteries

The team is here to help you, call us and let us help you wrap up more in to your projects and day to day sales.

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