Focus questions to help you add Avocent to your sale

At MB Technology, we aim to not only to provide you with a personable, friendly & honest service, we want to ensure we give you all the available tools to maximise your margin on every opportunity. 

MB Technology is an Avocent Distributor

Emerson’s products can easily be incorporated into both your “Run rate” and “Solutions” sales quotes by asking a few simple questions.


  • Do you have servers in multiple locations?
  • Do you need local remote access to your equipment?
  • Do you need the ability to transfer files to an offline server?
  • How many servers do you have in your datacentre?
  • How many concurrent users need to access the equipment?


  • How many devices do you connect via serial connections?
  • What do you manage through serial connectivity?
  • When troubleshooting, do you need to show history of activity?
  • Do you prefer accessing serial devices through SSH or browser?
  • Is the power AC or DC? Single or dual?
  • Do you connect remotely with dial up?


  • Do you have people entering the data centre to cycle power?
  • Do you have the ability to maintain server connectivity and vie the reboot process when you issue a remote power command?
  • What type of power feeds do you have? (110v,208VF,220V)
  • Do you have servers with multiple power supplies?
  • Do you have centralized management of your power?