Switch sell your UPS opportunities and make more margin

Margin can be extra tight these days and as a Value Add Distributor, we want to help you maximise on your day to day opportunities.

We can help you switch sell any UPS opportunity to Emerson Liebert.

5 Reasons to switch to Emerson Liebert:

1. They have dropped their pricing – enabling you to make more margin – get in touch for pricing
2. Their Innovation Partner Programme helps you maximise on every opportunity
3. We are holding run rate products in stock for fast turnaround – check our stock
4. 2 Year Advanced Replacement Standard Warranty and free technical support
5. Emerson are recognised as a Global Leading Datacentre equipment provider

Ask the question on your next UPS quote:

“Can we offer you an alternative brand that is more cost effective?”

Take a look at the Liebert cheat sheet

Keep us in mind for day to day opportunities Рwe are flexible on pricing!

Call us on 0161 250 0930 or email quotes@mbtechnology.co.uk