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Eliminate clutter at the desktop with accessories compatible with our KVM solutions.

Secure KVM installation and use is made easier with Belkin’s extensive portfolio of compatible cables and accessories. From mounting brackets, to Common Access Card (CAC) readers and desktop control units – Belkin has you covered.

The Belkin KVM Remote Control with Integrated Keyboard ushers in a new era of Secure KVM user experience while supporting Belkin’s mission to declutter the operator’s desk.

When paired with a Belkin Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM, the KVM Remote Control with Integrated Keyboard provides channel selection options for 1-8 port KVMs and mimics the colour configuration of the front panel in the backlit USB keyboard.

For organisations that utilise colour as an indication of the security enclave, the integrated keyboard provides a clear, visible indicator for operators as to which enclave they are working on.

Combined with the mounting options available for the Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM, the Belkin KVM Remote Control with Integrated Keyboard allows full control and awareness of the KVM while neatly hiding the KVM away from the operator, offering an optimally decluttered workspace.

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    2nd Gen Universal Secure KVM Switch

    Air gap isolation with combo connectors supporting up to 4K at 60Hz on HDMI and DisplayPort.


    Modular Secure KVM Switch

    Select and control one system at a time.


    Secure Modular KM Switch

    Ideal for data-intensive applications where information from multiple secure sources is required to be viewed and compared simultaneously.

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